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Hindi Movies 2015 Full Movie - MENTAL MAN | Hindi Dubbed Action Movie | New Hindi Movie 2015 Full Movie Starring: Dileep, Indrajith, Murali, Kavya Madhavan and others. Dubbed from: Malayalam Movie Runway Synopsis: The film begins when Gopika (Kavya Madhavan) and her father(Oduvil Unnikrishnan) came to stay in a house where Bharathiyamma(Kaviyoor Ponnamma) stays with her two children Balu Damodar (Indrajith) salman khan fan and Ambili(Suja Karthika). Bharathiyamma has one more son Unni Damodar(Dileep) who is working in Dubai. Unni tells his family that he is working in Gulf but in reality he runs illegal spirit business with Bhai (Murali) along with Achayan and Achuvettan in Walayar. He accepts a four-year jail punishment actually the accused was Bhai. Unni, however confesses what he does, to Gopika whom his mother is insistent that he should marry. After leaving the jail Paramasivam(Unni) realizes that Bhai has been fall into a big debt because of the cheating of Chinnadan (Kalasala Babu) and his Sons. He then again goes to valayar and thus saves Bhai and his family from debt with his wicked mind and tricks. He again rules spirit deals in Valayar area pulling the Chinnadans into trouble. Things change when Unni's brother (Indrajith) becomes a police officer. He got posting in Valayar area, where Unni and Bhai have become big-time rowdys. In Valayar, Balu tries his level best to catch Valayar Paramasivam (Dileep) but does not know that it is his brother; and fails in mind game played by Dileep. This makes Bhai angry with Balu. But Paramasivam tells him to forgive Balu because he was his brother. In the meantime, Chinadan kills Bhai's only son Johny and blames Balu as the real killer. This made Bhai very desperate and wants to kill Balu. Bhai kidnaps him. On knowing this, Paramasivam goes to save his brother Balu and informs Bhai that the actual killer was CI (Shammi Thilakan) by identifying the ring marks in Johny's face. Paramasivam then confesses him that he will not lie to his bhai. After realizing the innocence of Balu Damodar, Bhai and Paramasivam plans to kill the Chinnadans, and then the film moves to the climax. New Hindi Movie HD Channel - Subscribe @ this link Genre: #Dubbing #IndianCinema #HindiCinema #HindiLanguage #Movies#FreeMovies #Films #Bollywood

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